About Us

As our interest and education in bees grew, we could see the real work was bringing it to the community. And we love our work!

Bee Present Honey is a beekeeping and Education business. We keep hives all over Washtenaw County, Michigan to produce the best possible local products from the hive. From honey and beeswax to health and beauty, bee derived products are truly beneficial in so many ways.

We also do community outreach teaching about the important jobs bees have in our lives. Pollination, the healing properties of bee products, and of course the joy of honey. We teach about what beekeepers do and the relationship we have with our bees.

We visit:

    • Libraries
    • Schools
    • Scout troops
    • Homeschool groups
    • Community events
    • Fairs and Festivals
    • Pollinator Celebrations
    • Environmental Events
    • And More

We engage all ages in the underappreciated and sometimes misunderstood, beautiful honey bee.

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